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From goalkeepers, for goalkeepers

We are qeepers.nl, the webstore for quality keepers, founded by Steve and Davy.

Steve: I've been a football club member since I was 6 years old and have been between the goalposts year after year. Even before I was 6 years old I was often to be found with my friends in the schoolyard, where I was defending a goal made out of two coats. Davy is a friend of mine and in his younger years he was also a goalkeeper. Later, hungry for scoring goals instead of stopping them, he went into the field. However, he has always maintained his affinity with goalkeeping and sometimes puts on his goalkeeper gloves during training.

Buying goalkeeper gloves

I think I speak for all goalkeepers when I say that having good goalkeeper gloves is crucial for a goalkeeper. Until I was 15 years old, I never experienced any problems finding good goalkeeper gloves, because I simply wore what my parents gave me. From the moment I started looking for goalkeeper gloves myself, I noticed that this search wasn't that easy. It turned out that there was little or no information about the differences between brands, foams, types, fits and quality of the different gloves. When buying other products, such as a sofa, if there is not enough information online you can go to a residential boulevard and ask a retailer for advice and try out different banks. With goalkeeper gloves, this turned out to be not really an option, as there are so few good physical goalkeeper glove shops that you will be on the road for an hour and a half. There are often 'regular' sports shops in the neighbourhood, but these usually only have a very small assortment and 9/10 times don't have the knowledge to help me.


My football career partly consists of years of searching for the best goalkeeper gloves. Every purchase I made consisted of a new brand or model and so I discovered the many differences within the world of goalkeeper gloves. Purchasing after purchase I was surprised by the big differences between the gloves. After a while it had finally become clear to me what the plus and minus points of the different brands and models were, but as soon as a new pair was put on the market, I was back to square one. Brands give the glove materials names that sound as beautiful as they are unclear.


This can be done better and it needs to be done better. Today's goalkeeper gloves are often of very good quality and look great, but the online environment where they are offered wasn't at the same level for me yet. That's why, together with Davy, I founded qeepers, a word composed of the words quality and goalkeepers. Qeepers is a webshop created to give goalkeepers the opportunity to make a well-considered choice between the best goalkeeper gloves on the market. In addition, it is our aim to also be the seller of the furniture boulevard and to help you with all your questions when the online information falls short.